Welcome to Passwheelz Driving School

We want to help you pass your driving test quickly whilst costing you less.

Passwheelz Driving School is based in Cradley Heath, West Midlands.  We have been helping people pass their driving test since 2009 and have a great team of Driving Instructors covering most of the West Midlands areas.

Why should you choose a Passwheelz Driving Instructor?

Our Driving Lessons are with Instructors that are all fully qualified and highly experienced ADI’s.  They all have extensive knowledge and are extremely patient and friendly.   Most  importantly though, your Passwheelz Driving Instructor will be local to the area in which you are learning.  This is important because they will know all the best roads to enhance your driving lessons and also they know the routes used by the local Driving Test Centre.

Lessons to suit your needs and driving style.

Your lessons will be tailor made to suit your personal needs, requirements and driving experience.  Even Nervous Drivers are surprised how quickly their confidence grows with Passwheelz.  Please take the time to read our reviews and see what our pupils think.  Passwheelz are experts in making drivers not just “test-ready” but “road-ready” and fully confident in their own ability to take on the many demands that driving conditions can put you through.

What type of Driving Lessons are available?

Passwheelz Driving School have a wide choice of Driving Courses available for our students.   For a full list of the available courses click on the following link

Driving Courses from Passwheelz

How do I book a driving lessons with Passwheelz Driving School?

There are a number of ways of booking a driving lesson with Passwheelz.  You can use our online form to book a lesson and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can call us on 07715 211461 where we will be only to happy to help you.


Navpreet, Passed Her Driving Test First Time

Jinni has got to be the best driving instructor ever! She is patient, hardworking and a very happy person to be in the car with. I’m so happy to know that I have passed my test the first time!!! Without Jinni’s support I wouldn’t have got to this stage and she has helped me from the very start, I have never ever had an issue with her and she has been like a second mum to me and I love her very much.  We always had the best conversations ever, we never had a lesson without having a laugh together.  Even when I made the silly mistakes, she would never get mad at me which made me happy to know she pushed me as hard as she could, we worked at my own level where I am comfortable with and she has never pushed me into deep end.   Any other pupils who have her are so lucky to have such a nice caring woman, I would recommend her to be your driving instructor.  I will miss Jinni so so so much and hope the best for her with the job in the future! Continue being the best instructor as you have always been xxxxx  Navpreet