Are you looking for Driving Lessons Walsall?

Passwheelz Driving School have been helping students with their driving lessons Walsall since 2009 and are proud of our success.

Why do so many people choose Passwheelz for their Driving Lessons Walsall?

Harjap when she passed her driving test

The answer is simple, its how we teach.  Our Driving Instructors are fully qualified adi’s and we have years of experience on how to teach people to drive.  All of our Driving Instructors know that learning to drive can be quite daunting and scary.  They also understand that everyone has their own needs and requirements.  We custom-make your driving lessons to suit your individual style, needs and requirements.  Most importantly though all of our Driving Instructors are local to the area in which they teach.  This ensures that they really know the area, allowing them to chose the best roads and routes for your level of training.

How long will it take me to pass my Driving Test?

That will all depend on you as an individual.  Some people find it easier than others.  At Passwheelz Driving School we put preparing you for your test and getting your full licence as quickly as possible at the top of our list.  With our Driving Instructors you will not only be prepared and ready for your practical driving test.  You will also be prepared and ready for for driving on your afterwards with confidence.  By the time you are going into the Knowles Street Test Centre in Wednesbury or Spring Road Test Centre in Wolverhampton your confidence will be very high!

Do you have any Driving Lesson Offers?

We understand money is tight at the moment and have quite a few offers available to help with the cost of driving.  Feel free to browse our Driving Lessons Walsall Offers for more details.

How do I book a lesson with Passwheelz?

To book lessons or for one of our other areas please call us on 07715 211461.  Alternatively you can book a driving lesson by clicking on the link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where is my nearest Theory Test Centre or Practical Driving Test Centre?

For more information on Theory Test Centres click here

For more information on Practical Test Centres click here

Join Passwheelz today and take advantage, safe in the knowledge that you are learning with the best Driving Instructors Walsall has to offer.  Don’t just take our word for it though.  Read our reviews, they speak volumes for themselves.