Have you failed your driving test? Our Driving Test Rescue Course will get you back on the road in no time.

driving-test-rescue-courseRegain your driving confidence with our tailored Driving Test Rescue Course.

Drivers fail their test for all sorts of reasons.  Perhaps you were extremely nervous on the day.  Maybe your driving test was at a particularly busy period of the day.  Perhaps you were just unlucky.  Regardless of why you failed we understand that failing your driving test is an upsetting experience and one that really knocks your confidence.  That’s why we have devised our Driving Test Rescue Course.  It is specifically tailored to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our Test Rescue Course will boost your confidence and get you ready to retake your driving test with confidence and in the shortest possible time.

For just £125 we’ll give you 5 hours of manual driving tuition.  Our individually tailored course will focus on your weak areas whilst giving you techniques to help calm your nerves.

Our skilled and patient driving instructors have helped many drivers just like you.

For further information on our Rescue Courses call us on 07715 211461. Alternatively please feel free to use our contact form by clicking here.