Is your confidence stopping you from passing your test or driving the car in your driveway?

nervous-driving-lessonsLearning to drive can be a nerve-wrecking experience.  Even when you have passed your test you can still feel nervous in certain road and traffic conditions.  Not all is lost though…

After a few nervous driving lessons with Passwheelz you’ll wonder what you ever worried about.

At Passwheelz Driving School, we always try to prepare our students for all traffic and road scenarios when they have passed their driving test.  Perhaps you’ve already had some driving lessons and found it an uncomfortable experience. Maybe you have  failed your driving test before. Or even if you have passed your test but are still nervous about getting out there on the road.  There are numerous reasons that people lose confidence with driving, but our patient driving instructors will work hard to build your confidence.

If you’re a nervous driver you’re not alone…

Many people have the same type of concerns and worries that you have, and all can become successful and confident drivers with the right kind of driving tuition provided by Passwheelz.

We devise and tailor our Nervous Driving Lessons to your specific needs and requirements…

Using skills and techniques built up through years of experience our driving instructors will work patiently with you to improve your confidence or/and driving test performance.  We will focus on your strengths whilst instilling a sense of calm and control whilst you’re behind the wheel.  Passwheelz driving instructors are extremely patient with nervous drivers.  They have extensive experience helping people to overcome their nerves and to drive confidently, or become fully confident in their ability to take their test and pass successfully.  That is why our Nervous Driving Lessons are so popular.

Learning to drive doesn’t come easily to everyone…

Passwheelz understands this and wants to work with you to give you the freedom that passing your test can give you.

Whatever your worries or concerns, give us a call on 07715 211461.  Alternatively you can use our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also offer intensive courses if you want to pass your driving test more quickly.

Our Nervous Driver Lessons are the same price as our Learner Driving Lessons and our offers are available for the Nervous Driving Lessons too.

1Hour £25book £25book
Brand New Driver 3 HOURS £50*book 3 LESSONS £65book 
10 Hours £230book £240book
15 Hours £345book £352book
20 Hours £455book £460book
30 Hours £660book £675book
40 Hours £850book £880book
 *Terms and Conditions Apply