If you are a Student, we know money can be tight, Passwheelz Driving School wants to help…

student-driving-lessonsPasswheelz Driving School offer some great discounts to help Students to learn to drive.  Finances are tough enough when you’re studying. That’s why we offer discounted student driving lessons.

We understand that learning to drive can be an expensive business.  But when you are a student the cost of driving lessons can soon add up, leaving your finances in an awful state.  There is no need to worry anymore though.  Our student lesson discounts is guaranteed to make you smile and get you through your driving test, quicker than you thought possible.

How do I qualify for your Student Discounts on Driving Lessons?

Just show us your student ID on your first driving lesson with us.  Our student driving lessons are charged at £25 per hour!

Want to save even more money?

Why not take advantage of our block booking courses.  There are two options available for students

30hrs driving tuition – £ 700

40hrs driving tuition – £ 950


 So what is stopping you?  Call us now on 07715 211461 for further information on our Student Driving Lessons.  Alternatively please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.