Young Drivers

A poll carried out by Vision Critical and IAM revealed that 30% of young Drivers aged 18-25 years admit to breaking law during their first few years on the road.  Even after spending weeks training for their driving test, a 68% of younger drivers admit that they still need to improve and 25% admit to crashing. Over confidence came through in the figures as a major issue.  75% of young male drivers thought they were better than the average driver, whilst young females weren’t far behind at 67%.

  • A fifth of people killed or seriously injured in a reported road accident during 2012 were involved in a collision where at least one of the vehicles was driven by a young driver.
  • About 22% of all accidents involved at least one young driver.  Out of the 32,400 accidents involving the young driver, 350 resulted in deaths and 4,100 resulted in seriously injured casulties.
  • 133 out of 542 drivers who died in 2012 were young drivers.

IAM believe that the current learning system is failing our young drivers.  They are calling for:-

  • Road Safety to be added to the school curriculum.
  • Theory and Hazard Perception tests to be delivered online and in educational places.
  • Insurance Companies not penalising Learner Drivers from gaining experience in the family car.
  • A minimum learning time of 12 months, with a log book to build experience safely.
  • A practical driving test that includes high speed roads.
  • Post test evaluation and training for all in the high risk early months of solo driving.
Young Drivers Need More Help